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News & Testimonials

Hi Chaps,

I had no fears of the airbag system as the Airbag Man Air bag system looked “on paper” to be far more superior than the air bags I had fitted upon the vehicle at purchase.

The Air bag system has provided a larger range of support as it is able to with stand higher pressures than my last set.

The rear ride height is elevated and the option to further inflate the bags after the load has been applied is extremely handy as with my previous air bags this was not possible and it was always difficult to get the right amount of air in the bags prior to applying the load.



Service was great, I dropped my car in, the inferior air bags and hoses were removed and the new bags, sleeves and hoses were installed.

I received an owners and operational booklet in an Airbag man folder for my glove box.

Yes I would recommend this product to others with or without Land Cruisers . I have used them several times now and their performance under load is great and ride height is perfect. As previously mentioned the ability to inflate the airbags while under load makes all the difference.

Cheers Guys,
James B.
JBS Building and Development


Kit Contents:

  •  Airbags
  • Unique High Pressure Sleeves
  • Vehicle Specific Spacers & Protectors
  • Manual Inflation Valves & Tubing
  • Fittings
  • Complete Step By Step Instructions & Owners Manual