Airbag Man: global air spring leaders

Airbag Man partners with some of the world’s leading air spring and rubber isolation mount manufacturers, including Firestone and Dunlop.

Their robust construction, consisting of fabric-reinforced rubber, has been extensively tested and operated in a variety of industrial applications. These products are trusted all over the world, backed with decades worth of knowledge and experience.

Air springs are purposely designed to perform in extreme conditions as both an actuator and an isolator for industries such as material handling, construction, manufacturing, timber processing, and more. Air springs can be found anywhere from vibrating equipment, machine presses, shaker screens, oil exploration, foundries, to food and beverage equipment, scissor lifts, sewage processing, movie special effects, and even amusement park rides!

Unmatched stability in heavy industries

Airbags can provide force, motion, and stability. They are generally inflated using compressed air and they use no moving parts, virtually eliminating the chance of any internal part failing due to general wear and tear, even after millions of cycles. This is why airbags are a superior choice compared to equivalent products on the market that include hydraulics or traditional metal springs.

In heavy industrial applications, air springs can be used in both lifting and vibration isolation functions, such as vibrating tables, press machines, industrial washing machines, conveyor belts and scissor lifts.

Enhancing industrial efficiency with air springs

An industrial washing machine is a great example where an air spring can be used for multiple tasks in a single application: airbags can handle the varying weight of the washing machine across a wide range of loads; they can also actuate the machine allowing it to be tilted for loading & unloading. At the same time, airbags can be used to significantly reduce the vibration of the machine when in operation, which in turn will reduce long-term maintenance costs and noise emissions.

Airbags and actuators are also widely used in the manufacturing industry for a range of applications including pallet lifters, conveyor belt systems, scissor lifts, bag flatteners and other miscellaneous applications. Some specific products that Airbag Man can supply are Firestone's Air Gripper®, Airstroke® Actuator and Air Picker®, which are commonly used in bottle manufacturing plants.

Superior vibration isolation by Airbag Man

Airbag Man can also assist with other vibration isolation solutions including the Firestone Marsh Mellow® Spring. This is a multi-layered reinforced rubber tube used in vibration isolation applications. Due to the thick multi-layer design with no pinch points, these rubber springs will significantly reduce harmful effects of vibrations and cut noise emissions.

These are a great alternative to any application whereby an industrial damper, rubber pad or alternative spring is currently used. Due to their low natural frequency and ability to work across various spring rates, this product performs for millions of cycles and would outlast other available spring options on the market.