On-board air solutions for every application

Apart from the inflation valves that come standard in all of our air suspension kits, we have a massive range of air control kits and components, including on-board and portable compressors, air tanks, gauges, switches, valves, fittings, tubing and more.

From manual inflation right through to fully automatic electronic height control systems, our range is designed to provide easy and convenient air control at your fingertips.

Wireless app control

Firestone's new wireless app puts on-board air control in the palm of your hand. Remotely inflate and deflate your airbags, right from your phone.

With no gauges or wiring inside the cab, it features two memory presets for easy ride height adjustment, as well as live system and diagnostic monitoring.

Easy. Convenient. Simple.

Remote air control

Our dual wireless air control kit can easily be added to existing air suspension products or as part of a full Airbag Man package.

This system lets you conveniently inflate or deflate two airbags individually at the touch of a button, allowing for up/down and side-to-side levelling.

Airbag Man wireless air control