Company Goals

It is the Managing Directors objective for the Company to meet the requirements of all interested parties that are relevant to the Quality Management System in place. This is carried out as per the below:

  • Customers - Treating all entities with honesty & respect, and providing a high standard of Quality and Service. Responding to any requests or enquiries within a timely manner, and providing excellent after-sales assistance as required.
  • Suppliers - Dealing in an honest, respectful and professional manner, and by providing continuous business for mutual benefits when applicable.
  • Employees - Offer a safe workplace environment that promotes communication of ideas and areas of improvement, recognition of talent and achievement, as well as workplace and job security.
  • Owners - Ensuring long term profitability & growth, as well as promoting and protecting the company and its brand.
  • Society - Being a modern and professional organisation and a good corporate citizen by complying with statutory and regulatory requirements. As a leader in the field of Air Suspension, we also offer a high quality of services and products to all Industrial and Governmental bodies that we deal with, to provide the highest level of safety to all members of the public.