Airbag technology for accessible vehicles

Traditional coil or leaf spring vehicles struggle and sag under excessive or uneven loads, which can lead to an unstable and, sometimes, unsafe ride. Mobility vehicles benefit from the variable spring rate of airbags, given their ability to maintain a constant ride height across a wide weight spectrum while also allowing passengers to feel safe, secure, and as comfortable as possible.

Adaptive airbag solutions

Airbag Man offers a wide range of air suspension options for vehicles that are suited for wheelchair and mobility-specific applications like the Volkswagen Transporter or Mercedes Vito, and can be fitted by some of the major OE manufacturers of mobility-specific vehicles.

In some vehicles, it is common to use hydraulic tail lifts along with an electric wheelchair, which can add anywhere between 400kg -700kg of payload even before adding any passengers or cargo. But air suspension will allow the vehicle to carry this additional weight with ease.

Intelliride®: elevating comfort and stability

Intelliride®, our fully automatic ECAS (Electronically Controlled Air Suspension) system, offers a premium level of comfort, drivability, and increased stability thanks to the constant ride height adjustment.

This system also allows for manual height control when the vehicle is stationary for convenient height adjustment to load and unload a wheelchair or passenger. Depending on the vehicle, an air suspension system can be suitable for either 2-corner or 4-corner vehicles for full vehicle adjustability.

Depending on the application, Intelliride® also features an add-on Horizon Levelling feature allowing the vehicle to be levelled on uneven ground by the press of a single button when the vehicle is stationary.

Air suspension: the revolution continues

Air suspension systems have revolutionised the adjustable suspension market making mobility applications a safe and reliable choice for those that are either in a wheelchair or restricted to vehicles that require a level of height adjustment for easy access.

With today’s technological advancements in this field, the applications and the number of vehicles that can be air bagged will only increase, allowing for better choices to suit wheelchair users and their specific needs.