General Q&A

What types of Airbags are there and where do they go?

Do I load the vehicle first and inflate the airbags, or inflate the airbags and then load the vehicle?

Do you supply safety airbags (SRS airbags)?

Do I need Airbags?

I can’t find airbags to suit my vehicle? What should I do?

Can my old airbag kit work on my new vehicle?

Can I add the high pressure sleeves over my blue Firestone airbags months down the track after having used the standard pressure kit?

Can I fit Airbag Man High Pressure Sleeves over my Polyair red airbags?

Do I have to add an air compressor?

Do I need new suspension to fit airbags? Or can I use my old springs and shocks?

Do airbags affect articulation/flex/travel of my vehicle when four wheel driving?


Can I install the airbags myself?

Do Airbag Man install?

Installation Instruction and Product Manual?

Operation & Pressures

What pressure do I run the airbags at?

What height should my airbag be at?

My airbags are not returning me back to my standard Ride-Height position, why?

My airbags are leaking, how do I check for leaks?

If I fit an airbag kit to my vehicle with standard height suspension and then upgrade to a lifted/raised suspension later on down the track will my kit still work?


Where can I buy and install my airbags?

Can I buy single replacement parts, if required?

I have a Polyair/Thor/Boss/Airlift airbag suspension kit on my vehicle and need new brackets to suit, can I buy the brackets separately?

How much does it cost to install airbags?

False Rumours

Will airbags bend or crack my chassis?

Will airbags affect Brake Bias/Brake Proportioning Valve?


Do I need a modification plate?

Weight Related Q&A

What is my vehicles Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM)?

Do airbags increase my GVM Gross Vehicle Mass?

Can I take off my weight distribution hitch if I get airbags installed?

Do airbags increase my tow ball weight when towing?