Transformations in tools, technology, & labour automation

The agricultural industry has seen significant changes over the last century. Today, horses have been replaced by tractors, hand tools have been replaced with electric tools, and labour has been replaced by automation.

Increasingly, air springs and heavy-duty airbags are being used in a variety of ways to help farmers adapt to modern methods. Agricultural applications for airbags include hay balers, irrigation systems, heavy equipment, dairy farms, planting and cultivating, conveyor belts, and vibrating screens.

Soil fumigation & irrigation

Due to the size of today’s crops, efficiency is a key driving force in modern farming. Boom sprayers, for example, can effectively irrigate a large amount of space over a smaller amount of time. The addition of airbags on the boom allow the arm to move across uneven ground at quicker speeds, allowing for considerable increase in production time whilst also reducing damage to the boom equipment and reducing operator fatigue.

Soil cultivators & planters

When planting new crops, the depth of the seeds is vital for consistent growth, optimum germination, and crop production. Often, soil density within a field can vary, so modern planting equipment needs to travel smoothly over the changing landscape to ensure that the seeds are planted at a consistent depth. An airbag in this instance is used as a downforce actuator to plant with as minimal disruption to the soil as possible.

Haybale machines

Haybale machines require an adjustable tension. Airbags are suitable for this application as they allow for the correct amount of force required for the desired density and applies constant force as the bale diameter changes during the baling process.

The agricultural industry is constantly growing and so is the number of applications in which an airbag can be used to increase efficiency and productivity.