Coil assist and leaf assist airbags

These systems are designed to work with your vehicle’s existing suspension, whether that be a coil spring or leaf spring design, by helping the vehicle return to height after load is applied and the suspension starts to experience sag. When suspension sag occurs, bottoming out is much more frequent causing a rough and uncomfortable ride. With more weight in the rear and less weight on the front axle, it will effectively cause the front end to feel ‘floaty’, severely impacting the steering, handling, and braking performance of the vehicle. Airbags allow you to level the rear of the vehicle, which will improve the vehicle’s overall ride, comfort, stability, and safety.

Full air suspension

Factory coil springs are designed to carry minimal load, primarily focusing on user comfort. While countless aftermarket coil spring options exist, there’s no single spring that will suit all conditions and weight limits without affecting the vehicle’s ride quality or handling. Full airbag suspension kits are reliable, robust, variable rate springs that will cater for a wide range of loads (up to the approved GVM limit).

When paired with an Electronically Controlled Air Suspension System (ECAS) like Intelliride®, the constant ride height adjustment delivers a premium level of comfort, drivability, and increased stability. Depending on the vehicle and the application, you can lower or raise the vehicle for height clearance when off-roading, entering undercover car parks, or hitching a trailer. Another key feature is the Intelliride® Horizon Levelling, which is an add-on that will allow you to level the vehicle or caravan perfectly by a single button press on the handheld remote.

Load-up springs

These are generally used in vehicles for a plug-and-play height levelling solution. The Load-Up Springs are micro-cellular polyurethane springs that are designed and specified for automotive suspension applications. The load carrying and shock minimising capabilities of the Load-Up product improves safety and handling of your vehicle under load whilst being able to survive the harshest of conditions. The parts gradually compress to one-third of their size during suspension compression, which means that they can work like a spring making them ideal for those looking for a solution that requires little to no ongoing maintenance or operational input. These are extremely popular in fleet vehicles like traffic control vehicles or where some vehicles don’t have the required space to suit an air spring, like a Hyundai i-Load.

Did you know?

Airbags are not only designed to suit your vehicle but your camper or caravan too. This will ensure a superior ride, reducing the vibrations in the van which would normally have a negative effect on seals, joins and contents. It will also allow you the benefit of variable height control on uneven ground instead of spending ages trying to get your vehicle on chocks and trying to level up.