Partnering with the best in the business

Airbag Man has a long-standing relationship with Firestone - one of the biggest and most respected airbag manufacturers, established in the 1930’s.

Firestone has been researching, developing, and manufacturing airbags for vibration control for almost a century. Their extensive range includes airbags for chassis mounts, cab mounts, seats, and lift axles to suit semi-trailers, trucks and buses.

The all-round suspension solution for heavy vehicles

In today’s world, national supply and logistics rely heavily on trucks and trailers to keep the world moving. More modern trucks are fitted with some form of air suspension, due to its ability to carry a wide variation of loads.

Airbags ensure a comfortable, secure, and consistent ride across all weight limits, keeping the load distribution equalised while significantly reducing body vibrations. This, in turn, reduces driver fatigue for increased driver safety. Trucks can also be fitted with airbags under the truck's cab and under the seat, taking driver comfort to another level.

Australian tough: built to withstand the worst

The harsh Australian environment presents some of the most challenging conditions in the world for operating heavy vehicles: from hot, arid, and corrugated roads in drier climates to wet and slippery during the monsoon months. Airbag suspension is far more forgiving than other types of suspension available on the market, better equipped to handle these types of conditions, especially over vast distances. And you know if it can withstand the harshness of Australia, it's guaranteed to work anywhere.

Extra lift with air assist

Airbag Man offers a wide range of air assist airbag kits for light, medium and heavy vehicles that will help maintain a level ride height and improve driver comfort when under load.

Depending on the truck, these spring assist kits can be available for both the front and the rear axles and can be paired with a wide range of on-board air control kits to suit your needs.

Beyond airbags: parts for every purpose

We have a massive range of replacement parts for trucks, trailers, buses and trains including Firestone, Continental and Dunlop airbags; lift axle valves; height control valves; raise & lower valves; linkage kits; brake protection valves; mounting brackets; pressure control regulators and gauges; plus pressure retention, raise/lower, and general fittings.