Camper Trailer – Airbag Man Airbags AB0043

Hi Guys,

The main reason I used these airbags is because of the service I received from your team and the fact you had the right bag to do the job I needed!

I found the product to be easy to use. I like the collapsed height. Being on a camper trailer, height is a major thing. The tent needs to sit correctly on the ground.

I found the after sales service brilliant. The install, while doing it blind, was straight forward, and the product is simple and easy to use.

Happily recommend these. They are a very easy to use and appear durable.



The service I received from Airbag Man was simply astonishing. It’s very very rare to receive the level of service I did. I have found the product to be simple to use, while durable enough for a multitude of applications.

Thanks Airbag Man.

Nathan E.



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