Drive safe with your family

Let Airbag Man Suspension Keep Your Family Safe on the Road

Road safety is at the heart of what Airbag Man does. We know that Australian families love to venture out onto the open road and that often means towing a caravan or trailer or driving a much bigger vehicle than they may be used to. 

It’s essential to be aware of extra safety concerns if you want to enjoy travelling by road with your family. If everyone takes due care while driving it makes our roads safer for everyone. There are a few things you can do to help!

Top road safety tips when towing

  • Position your load correctly on your vehicle to prevent instability or overturning.
  • Stay within your Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM).
  • Adapt your driving to suit the conditions, such as the weather, different types of road surfaces, and whether you’re carrying passengers.

We’ve been helping to make people’s vehicles safer for over 20 years so it was great to be recognised recently by NSW Compensation Lawyers. They asked us to provide some expert tips for a blog post on how to ‘Drive Safe with Your Family’. We were happy to oblige because road safety is of paramount importance to families travelling by road.

How Airbag Man Suspension Can help

We pride ourselves on creating products that make your vehicle safer. Airbag Man suspension is a great example of a product that adds multiple safety features to your car.

Installing Airbag Man suspension will improve the overall handling and steering of your vehicle, and the responsiveness of the brakes. At the same time, it reduces body sway, making your vehicle more stable in a wide variety of conditions.

In addition, Airbag Man suspension can save you money in the long run – it increases the lifespan of your existing suspension and also reduces tyre wear. Your maintenance costs will end up being lower as a result.

Airbag Man is an Australian owned and operated company. Established in 1995, Airbag Man has led the way in design and manufacture of airbags and air suspension systems to suit hundreds of vehicle types from light passenger to heavy transport as well as industrial & agricultural applications.

As the leading supplier of Firestone and Dunlop Airbags, Airbag Man has revolutionised the vehicle suspension industry allowing vehicles to carry load and tow more safely.

If you’d like to know more about Airbag Man suspension and our other products to keep you and your family safer on the road, please get in touch.

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