Nissan Patrol Air Suspension – Airbag Man Kit OA4523

Hi Lads,

As an owner/operator of Tip Trucks which have Airbag Suspension and knowing how good they are in my trucks I had been considering placing them in my work ute. I was wanting bags that were to the same standard and quality that were in my trucks! After looking around in my home town and not finding what I was hoping for I jumped on and googled Airbags which brought me to one page The Airbag Man.

I sent through a brochure of what I was after and on the same day received a reply from Ben. After that first initial email I not only found exactly what I was after but the quality of service and expertise was outstanding.

Since putting in the airbag suspension I have been more than happy with their performance. I am wanting to put a slide-on camper on my Ute & purchased them to be ready for a camping holiday. Unfortunately I have not had the chance to test them with weight as I’m yet to purchase the camper. Yet I’m sure they will pull through with flying colours.

I not only got the Airbags I wanted with the best prices but I also received everything I ordered with no postage charges within a few days.



I sent four emails and every time I received replies within an hour of my emails. You don’t get that quality of service when you enter a shop and speak to someone face to face a lot of the time. Not only did I receive what I ordered but in addition without asking they sent a bigger compressor that would cope with my airbags better than the one I actually ordered, even though it was more expensive charged me the same price as the cheaper one that I ordered. I would recommend the Airbag Man to everyone that wants professional, honest and a reliable service.

After using them in my trucks I am more than happy with their performances and now placing them in my Ute I can’t wait for my holiday I would recommend airbag suspension to anyone.

Thanks again Guys,
Greg H.

Kit Contents:

  • firestone Airbags
  • Vehicle Specific Upper & Lower Mounting Brackets
  • Manual Inflation Valves & Tubing
  • Fittings
  • Complete Step By Step Instructions & Owners Manual
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