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Main Kit

AC3004 - Dual Rocker Air Control Kit with Heavy Duty Compressor

SKU: AC3004

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Dual Rocker Air Control Kit with Heavy Duty Compressor

Perfect for all Airbags & Tyres, AC8110 High Quality Air Compressor 200PSI Working Pressure, 50% Duty Cycle, 76 LPM / 2.70 CFM @ 0PSI, Max Amp Draw 35 Amps, Size: 220mm L x 115mm W x 175mm H, Space Required (open at one end for ventilation) 336mm L x 127mm W x 222mm H.

Select this option if you do not require an Air Tank

Dual Rocker Airbag Control for Inflate & Deflate, Req. 20mm Notched Hole


AC3500DW - Dual Wireless Digital Pressure Monitoring


Availability: In Stock

Dual Wireless Digital Pressure Monitoring

Dual Digital Plug & Play Wireless Pressure Monitoring Gauge, 0-150PSI, Built-In Voltage Display

Optional Bracket

BKCM01 - Universal Compressor Chassis Mount Kit


Availability: In Stock

Universal Compressor Chassis Mount Kit

Our Universal Air Compressor Chassis Mount Bracket Kit, designed exclusively for use with our AC8002 Direct inflation and AC8110 Heavy Duty Air Compressor. Part Number: BKCM01.


Universal Compatibility this bracket kit is compatible with a wide range of vehicles and mounting positions.

Secure and Space-Efficient Installation The BKCM01 bracket kit provides a secure mounting solution for your Airbag Man compressor, ensuring the compressor remains firmly affixed along the vehicle's chassis.

Easy Installation The BKCM01 is designed for hassle-free installation. Its user-friendly design ensures that even those with minimal technical expertise can effortlessly mount the compressor to the chassis.

Saves Interior Space for Cargo or Passengers With the compressor mounted along the chassis, valuable interior space is freed up for additional cargo or passengers.

Weather and Corrosion Resistance The BKCM01 bracket kit uses our e-coating process to ensure suitability for underbody mounting and comes with galvanised hardware.


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