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Light Duty (Airbag Helpers) / Dual Rocker / Dual Needle 12 Volt

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Main Kit

AC3003 - Dual Rocker Air Control Kit with Light Duty Compressor

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Dual Rocker Air Control Kit with Light Duty Compressor

Light Duty (Airbag Helpers) AC8002 High Quality Air Compressor 120PSI Working Pressure, 9% Duty Cycle, 36 LPM / 1.27 CFM @ 0PSI, Max Amp Draw 9 Amps, Size 155mm L x 81mm W x 124mm H Space Required (open at one end for ventilation) 205mm L x 81mm W x 174mm H

Dual Rocker Airbag Control for Inflate & Deflate, Req. 20mm Notched Hole.


AC3050 - Dual Analogue Pressure Monitoring

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Dual Analogue Pressure Monitoring

Dual Needle 12 Volt (Req. 52.5mm minimum hole) Pressure Monitoring Gauge, 0-150PSI.