FORD F150, F250, F350 2011-2016


By installing Airbag Man Suspension to your Ford F-Series you can take advantage of many features & benefits which include adjustable levelling control, eliminating spring sag, safer load carrying, better braking, improved steering & handling, stabilise body roll, prevents bottoming out, excellent ride quality, reduced tyre wear & lower maintenance costs.

Our Air Suspension kits utilising Firestone Airbags are designed to fit in-between the existing leaf spring/axle & Chassis to provide levelling control to a vehicle when towing or carrying loads.

These airbags are made of heavy duty firestone rubber, providing years of comfort and stability to a vehicle.

You can adjust for varying loads & road conditions by simply inflating or deflating, just like inflating/deflating a tyre.

Airbags are used for front-to-rear & side-to-side levelling control of your vehicle.

This enables a vehicle to "level up" when towing caravans, boats and trailers or when a vehicle is carrying heavy, uneven loads.



RR4640 2
RR4688 - Representational only
RR4647 2RR4696 - Representational only
  • Ford F150 2015-2016 Standard Height RR4688
  • Ford F250 2011-2016 Standard Height RR4696 (Excl. V10 with ext. cab & 8' bed)
  • Ford F350 2011-2016 Standard Height RR4696 (Excl. V10 with ext. cab & 8' bed)


Product Review



  • Firestone Airbags with a Limited Life-Time Warranty
  • Simple to Use & Easy to Fit
  • Complete with all Fittings & Heavy Duty Nylon Tubing
  • Owner’s Manual & Step by Step Instructions



  • Adjustable Levelling Control
  • Eliminates Spring Sag
  • Safer Load Carrying
  • Better Braking
  • Improves Steering & Handling
  • Stabilises Body Roll & Sway of your Vehicle
  • Prevents Bottoming Out
  • Reduces Tyre Wear
  • Increases Life Span of your Existing Suspension
  • Maintenance Costs Lowered
  • Excellent Ride Quality


How do I inflate or deflate my airbags?


Very simple! You can add air via a service stations tyre inflation facilities or if you have a portable compressor that will work perfectly as well. If you wanted to inflate or deflate your airbags from the comfort of your vehicle, we have a massive range of on board air accessories that will give you the ability of individual press of a button technology and pressure readings via an analogue or digital gauge.

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