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Heavy Truck & Bus

Heavy Truck & Bus




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We have a massive range of Replacement parts which include Airbags Firestone/Continental/Dunlop, Lift Axle Valves, Height Control Valves, Raise & Lower Valves for Trucks/Trailers/Buses/Trains, Barksdale, Neway height control valves and linkage kits for air suspension, Valves for brake protection, pressure retention, raise/lower & general pipe & fittings.


We are the Australian distributors for Acceval compact lift axle valves which are used on many of today's modern air suspension systems allowing the lifting of one or even two axles on a multi-axle vehicle.

Our front axle air suspension helper kits are available to suit heavy commercial vehicles ranging from Mitsubishi Canter to Prime Movers and Bus applications which provide excellent vehicle stability, improve steering and handling, and offer ideal passenger comfort.

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The Airbag Man system comes complete with Air Springs, mounting brackets, hardware, pressure control regulator, pressure gauge & installation instructions.

The Air Springs & brackets are designed to fit in the open space between the axle/spring centreline & bottom of the vehicles frame.

Height control & Air Spring pressure can also be controlled via a ride height control valve fitted to the front axle if desired.


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