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Airbag Man | Australasian & NZ Distributors For Drive-Rite’s Intelliride

Airbag Man utilises IntelliRide in 2 corner & 4 corner applications, IntelliRide is a fully automatic, Electronically Controlled Air Suspension (ECAS) System. When fitted, the system provides comfort while maintaining your ride height irrespective of the load.


3 preset vehicle heights (Drive Height, Raised Height & Lowered Height) are available at the push of a button & has automatic load levelling at each height.


IntelliRide continuously monitors inputs and component performance as a means of increasing safety and durability. The system recognizes and responds accordingly to potholes, cross-articulation and extended turns.




This intelligence prevents unnecessary activity and air consumption. The system even recognizes unachievable heights, assisting in the prevention of possible damage above or below the vehicle.


Latest build with Airbag Man Suspension utilising IntelliRide Control System on Patriot Camper’s MEGATOURER!