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Thank you for purchasing an Airbag Man Air Control with inflation coil and wand

If your inflation wand is fitted with a Digital Gauge, it is important to note this uses a button battery and requires a Warning Label. Please enter your details in the fields below, including your delivery address, for Airbag Man to send a Warning Label to be affixed to the inflation wand. It is recommended to cease use of the inflation wand and keep out of reach of children until the Warning Label can be attached. This Warning Label does not affect the performance of the gauge, but is an important notice to warn that the included button battery can be harmful if ingested.

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AC7401A / AC7401AD
Airbag Man inflation coil and wand
with Digital Gauge

Dates sold: Between 23/12/2022 and 11/10/2023
See attached list of Kits containing this product.

Why the product is recalled: The product does not comply with the mandatory information standard for products containing button/ coin batteries.  The product does not include the required warning information. 

Hazard: Risk of choking, severe internal burn injuries or death to young children if they access the button/coin batteries and swallow or place them inside their body. Severe or fatal injuries can happen in 2 hours or less.
  1. Consumers should stop using the product immediately and keep it out of reach of children.
  2. Consumers should contact Airbag Man via email at to receive a warning label free of charge to attach to the product. 

Contact Airbag Man to find out more about the recall, and notify us of your current address.   1800 247 224
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PRA 2023-AC7401AD