Universal Tank & ASU Chassis Mount Kit

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  • Enhanced Lifting Power
    You can effortlessly lift heavier loads, and the added airbag protection offers peace of mind.

  • Sag-Free Suspension
    Your vehicle's height remains consistent even when under load, eliminating spring sag issues.

  • Improved Control & Safety
    Experience better steering and braking performance, ensuring stability for safer driving

  • Ultimate Comfort
    Enjoy a smoother and more comfortable ride while the system absorbs road imperfections for a pleasant journey.

  • Hassle-Free Ownership
    Installation and maintenance are easy, and you'll have the security of a lifetime manufacturer's warranty for peace of mind.


Our Universal Tank & ASU Chassis Mount Bracket Kit is designed exclusively for use with our AC9013 & AC9011 Aluminium Air Tanks & Air Supply Unit ASU. Part Number: BKTM01.


Universal Compatibility this bracket kit is compatible with a wide range of vehicles and mounting positions.

Secure and Space-Efficient Installation The BKTM01 bracket kit provides a secure mounting solution for your AC9013 & AC9011 Aluminium Air Tanks & ASU, ensuring they are firmly affixed along the vehicle's chassis.

Easy Installation The BKTM01 is designed for hassle-free installation. Its user-friendly design ensures that even those with minimal technical expertise can effortlessly mount the air tanks and ASU to the chassis.

Saves Interior Space for Cargo or Passengers With the tanks and ASU securely mounted along the chassis, valuable interior space is freed up for additional cargo or passengers.

Weather and Corrosion Resistance The BKTM01 bracket kit uses our e-coating process to ensure suitability for underbody mounting and comes with galvanised hardware.


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