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Dunlop Air Spring 4.5 x 3 Assembly w Aluminium Ends

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Dunlop Pneuride Air Bellows are designed for customer applications where conventional pneumatic actuators are either not powerful enough or too bulky, or where environmental conditions would be demanding in maintenance. The primary market sector is industrial and includes the paper, food, textile and building industries amongst others.

In the automotive sector bellows are supplied as part of ‘auxiliary air suspension’ or ‘air assist’ kits for motorhomes. For this application, the bellow works alongside the existing steel suspension to provide for improved stability and comfort, reduced body roll and levelling capability among other benefits.

An air bellow is a single-acting pneumatic actuator made of reinforced elastomeric material. Each end is attached to a metallic cover containing mounting holes and air inlet ports. There are three basic variants: single, double and triple convolution/lobe.

Dunlop air bellows are extremely effective vibration isolators, suitable for many types of equipment. With careful selection of the correct natural frequency, they can significantly reduce transmitted vibration arising from most industrial and commercial applications.

Upgrade your heavy truck, bus, train, industrial, and agricultural vehicles with Genuine Dunlop Replacement Air Springs. These high-quality air springs are specifically designed to optimize performance and durability in demanding applications. Engineered for heavy-duty load-carrying capacity and maintaining ride height, Dunlop Replacement Air Springs provide superior control and stability in any terrain.

With easy installation and a comprehensive range of models, Genuine Dunlop Replacement Air Springs are the ultimate solution for your heavy vehicle needs. Experience reduced vibration, improved comfort, and enhanced safety on the road. Trust in Dunlop's renowned reputation for exceptional reliability and longevity.

Upgrade your heavy truck, bus, train, industrial, and agricultural vehicles today with Genuine Dunlop Replacement Air Springs. Discover the difference and enjoy unmatched performance and durability for your demanding applications. Browse our wide selection and choose the perfect fit for your specific vehicle requirements.

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Pressures and Heights

  • Enhanced Lifting Power
    You can effortlessly lift heavier loads, and the added airbag protection offers peace of mind.

  • Sag-Free Suspension
    Your vehicle's height remains consistent even when under load, eliminating spring sag issues.

  • Improved Control & Safety
    Experience better steering and braking performance, ensuring stability for safer driving

  • Ultimate Comfort
    Enjoy a smoother and more comfortable ride while the system absorbs road imperfections for a pleasant journey.

  • Hassle-Free Ownership
    Installation and maintenance are easy, and you'll have the security of a manufacturer's warranty for peace of mind.