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16 x 2 Assembly inc nuts

Dunlop Pneuride Air Bellows are designed for customer applications where conventional pneumatic actuators are either not powerful enough or too bulky, or where environmental conditions would be demanding in maintenance. The primary market sector is industrial and includes the paper, food, textile and building industries amongst others.

In the automotive sector bellows are supplied as part of ‘auxiliary air suspension’ or ‘air assist’ kits for motorhomes. For this application, the bellow works alongside the existing steel suspension to provide for improved stability and comfort, reduced body roll and levelling capability among other benefits.

An air bellow is a single-acting pneumatic actuator made of reinforced elastomeric material. Each end is attached to a metallic cover containing mounting holes and air inlet ports. There are three basic variants: single, double and triple convolution/lobe.

Dunlop air bellows are extremely effective vibration isolators, suitable for many types of equipment. With careful selection of the correct natural frequency, they can significantly reduce transmitted vibration arising from most industrial and commercial applications.